Social Media Marketing for Construction Companies

If you are part of a building or construction company, then we have information on how to advertise it. These are some things that you can do to market your company effectively.

Whether you are a novice or an established construction company, this article comprises invaluable information for you. You’ll learn about the importance of advertising for your business, how to make it happen, and some excellent alternatives at your disposal.

It is clear that social media marketing for construction companies is one of the most essential parts of getting more customers and is the best way to boost and generate more revenue.

When you’re setting up your construction company, it’s important to focus on creating a good reputation and building clientele. The more clients you have, the higher ranks you’ll climb.

It’s inadvisable to have a large workforce with very few customers because this will adversely affect the performance of your business. The customer-to-worker ratio has a significant impact on how well your company performs.

If your company has a good ratio of customers to workers, then you’re more likely to grow. If you have too few customers, then there’s less of a chance of ranking up.

Being able to rank up quickly in the game is only possible by maintaining a good worker/customer ratio. This way you are able to estimate your progress better and come up with a better strategy for your company. It might take some time, but it will be worth it in the end when you have a more efficient setup.

You might wonder how this is possible or how to do so. Let us now elaborate on how it can be done and to what extent it is effective for your business growth. We’ll provide you with marketing assistance that will help your development projects and your company grow.

We’ll show you where, when, and how we plan on advertising.

At the same time, you’ll get tips on how to advertise your company on your own without any big setup as a VIP treatment. Being an owner of a company you must have a strong desire to reach the top ranks.

In order to reach out to as many people as possible, new marketing strategies are being introduced every day. One of these is social media marketing – the newer generation tends to use social media more than any other medium and they are easily convinced that a product is worth buying if they see it on the internet.

This will enable you to access a global audience at an affordable rate. Another common marketing strategy is viral marketing. This is where you promote your product and wait to see what happens.

For example, if you were trying to sell a new type of operating system, you could post a video or screenshot on social media asking people what they think of the product and how it would improve their life.

Then once you collect enough feedback on your product, you can start promoting it for real with the help of a professional marketing agency.

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Why Should You Do Social Media Marketing for your Construction Company?

Here’s a simple answer. There are over 5 billion people who use the internet all over the world according to statistical research. As a result, we need to pay attention to social media in order to create a marketing strategy for your construction company.

These days, people don’t really want to see just a photo of your business – it seems kind of boring. A better way would be to include extra content and an engaging story that they can relate to. It probably wouldn’t be a good idea. There’s already too much content out there.

If you just have a small group of people who read newspapers, then spending that kind of money to create your own would not be worthwhile for you. Furthermore, this can be upsetting when you see a newspaper with an ad for your manufacturing company or one of your construction projects used as wrapping paper.

It’s painful to see your money go to waste.

You should not spend your energy on tasks that are easy for you to outsource, like your call center. Focus on what’s really important and hire agents who will promote your company through phone calls.

It would completely require a separate setup for the advertisement of your construction company which will be highly costly and least beneficial.

These are from the traditional ways, which will only engage 15% or less of the audience. The remaining 85% of your potential audience can be found on social media. Engaging 85% of them will be enough for you because there are many more out there already waiting to hear from you.

To reach a larger audience, you can’t overlook managing social media business accounts on the most popular social media platforms such as

  •  YouTube
  •  Instagram
  •  Facebook
  •  Twitter
  •  LinkedIn
  •  Pinterest


Additionally, you need to create a responsive and mobile-friendly website and run E-Mails campaign.

Why Do you Need to Trust Marketingfreek?

When it comes to social media for construction companies, we are the best strategic partner in social media marketing for the construction industry. Our construction social media marketing and social media strategy for construction companies have no match in the market.

We have thousands of users on our platforms, so it’s guaranteed that you’ll find new customers. If you decide to use our services, there’s no risk of failure. Business customers typically purchase ads from marketing agencies.

Marketingfreek is a business-to-business (B2B) platform, so you’ll be taking the first step in outbound sales. That said, we might be a good fit for you if:

1) You’d like to grow your business without spending time and money on paid ads.
2) You’re looking for an affordable solution to get organic traffic for your construction business via social media.

It’s our goal to keep things simple for you. Our platform is designed with your needs in mind: it’s easy to get started, and we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our team of inbound specialists will help you start generating more leads by creating valuable content, engaging with customers on social media, and building relationships with prospective clients before they even ask for your services.

How Do We offer Online Advertising to the Construction Industry? or How to Promote Construction Companies on Social Media?


You know that YouTube is one of the most visited platforms. Following are the steps we will take to advertise your construction company and projects through YouTube videos:

• Introduction of your company
• Introduction of your managers and employees
• Your completed projects (In case you have a brand new company we will show your aims and goals for the future)
• Your ongoing projects
• The material you use for construction
• Reviews of your previous customers
• Your location

As the construction of the building of your construction company also gives an image of your company, so we will bring the best site of the building of your construction company in front of our audience. It will make your company attractive which will attract customers.

Then we will introduce your managers and staff. A humble and a good personality manager will attract humble and good personality customers for him/her. The introduction of your staff and their efforts will show how duty full you and your company are.

Your completed projects will give courage to customers. Your ongoing projects will increase their courage. If you are a brand new company then we will show them your future goals to them.

Now the most important thing that we will show is your connection with the companies you are engaged with for material and the material you use for the construction under your supervision.

Another most Important thing is the reviews your old customers have about you. These reviews will also be shown in our video.


Instagram is the most used and popular social media platform. Now Instagram has launched its business profile. It’s becoming easier to use Instagram as a business showcase.

An Instagram profile is specially made for businesses that make money and sell products or services. Out of 10, nine users use a business profile. We will show your construction project and company through the following services:

• Stories

• Posts

• Reels

The benefits of stories are that we can show your project from every angle through pictures and short videos in a small time and they don’t take much space as they disappear after 24 hours so we can add more and more stuff every day.

Reels remain permanent on the profile. Reels are short videos that constantly reach the audience. Their benefit is that they can be shown to anyone even if they are your followers or not.

Posts also remain permanent. They immediately reach the followers. That’s why Instagram is the best customer service tool. There are much more benefits we have in our Instagram profile to take your business to high ranks just in days.


It is very easy to advertise on Facebook. Facebook also launched its business page. On Facebook, there’s an option for stories, reels pics, and videos just like on Instagram. But the main difference is that we can put long videos on Facebook and also we can give website links.

So following are the ways we use Facebook to show your construction company and your projects.:

• Short and long videos

• Photos

• Website links


Twitter is also the best platform for business showcases.  Twitter is a site where most exchanges happen. Following are the ways we will use to advertise your construction company and projects through Twitter:

• Sharing insight

• Thoughtful questions for followers

• Behind-the-scenes content

• Awareness of brand By sharing insight into your construction company people will get familiar with their objectives.

We developed the interest of the audience through thoughtful questions such as:

✓ Why should you use this company instead of another company for your construction project?

✓ Do you want construction company staff who are genuine?

✓ Are you looking for a construction company that can build your modern building?

✓ Do you just want your building constructed or also want to get VIP insights that will be provided by this construction company?

Behind-the-scenes content showed the chemistry of workers, project formation, and many more. Not only the construction of a building but also the construction of the frame of the building seems very interesting to the viewers.

By sharing these sites, we will develop the interest of the audience. Thus we will provide full awareness of the genuineness of your construction company as well as your construction projects.

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LinkedIn is also a big platform for professionals where we directly target customers. LinkedIn is a completely different platform from other platforms. We will work for you on LinkedIn in the following ways:

• Profile of your construction company

• Create relevant content

• Involvement of your employees

• Using the LinkedIn tool First we will create a powerful profile of your construction company.

Then we will create relevant content for your construction company and construction projects. We will also involve some of your active employees who will actively engage directly with the audience.

As we are fully aware of the LinkedIn tools and strategies, we can bring a lot of customers to you by using the LinkedIn platform.


Pinterest is a very effective visual platform. Here we share the visual content of your construction project and company. Data shows that about 82% of users browse Pinterest on mobile so that’s why it is also an effective platform to take your construction company to high ranks.

Website Development

A website acts as a direct connection of your construction company with the Internet. We will create a powerful website for your construction company through legit software and then show it to our different platforms. Following are the things that we will add to your website

• Introduction (homepage)

• Your Projects

• Your Service Page

• Your Vision

• Blog, Privacy Policy, and so on.

E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is a way of sending business messages to different people. According to research, about 99% of customers check their emails. We will create your e-mail address and then share them with our thousands of email customers. In the email, we will use your primary information.

Social Media Ads Services

When you come across different social media platforms you see different advertisements of only 5 seconds. In this service, we will create short 5-second advertisements of your construction company and your construction projects which will not only run on our platforms but also on other users’ platforms.

Whether Posting the Same Kind of Material on Different Platforms be Fruitful?

Yes, absolutely yes. Every platform is not used by a single user. For example, if a person uses Facebook it’s not necessary that he/she also uses Instagram similarly if a person uses Instagram it’s not necessary he/she also uses Pinterest.

That’s how we spread the advertisement of your construction company and construction projects to a very huge audience in a very small time.

Do we Connect with your Customers?

No! not at all. We just act as a third party or a bridge between you and your customer.

Privacy Policy

We have our privacy policies which you can read here. Your data will remain private even the website we create for you such as the website of a new construction company and email marketing of your construction company will remain private in such a way that your passwords and customer details will be in your own hands.

Besides our services and the cooperative team, we will also give you VIP services. We will give you insight into how you can create your platforms such as the YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook of your construction company.

Things to Remember

According to a recent survey:

• Facebook has 2.9 billion active users. By creating your Facebook account for your construction company you will directly connect to these two billion people where you can easily find your customers.

• Similarly YouTube has 2.2 billion active users so YouTube has an audience whom you can engage with your construction company by creating a YouTube channel for all field construction companies.

• Instagram has 2 billion active users so it would be fruitful to use the Instagram business page for your business or construction company and our VIP services end here.

So, don’t hesitate to hire us for your marketing campaign. Our team of experienced strategists, marketers, and copywriters will have your marketing needs covered for your construction company. Let us help make your conversion rates soar with stunningly effective social media marketing that will elevate your business to new heights.



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