SEO for Family Law Attorneys – Grab More Clients for Your Law Firm Now!

Have you just specialized in law in dealing with family issues like disagreements, divorce, separation of assets, and even separation of property among the belonging?

You must have opened your law firm now!

But have you worked on the strategies to bring in more clients? If not, NOW is the right time to think about one of them – SEO for family law.

Yes, you heard it right.

Practicing at your law firm (online) without Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is entirely useless. The primary reason is that you need some lead generation policies to rank your law firm on top of Google rankings.

So, to help you tackle this, we have created a detailed guide about SEO for family law attorneys. Let’s start reading!

SEO – A Short Overview

If we explain SEO in simpler terms, it would be nothing but improving the visibility of your business to the relevant audience at Google and other search engines.

There is no need to confuse yourself about myths about SEO’s complexity when it comes to implementing it for your law firm.

Many search engines, including Google, use bots to rank/crawl pages on the web. They collect the relevant information from similar sites and put them in the index of the first page of search results.

Thus, all the strategies that correspond to bringing your services to Google’s first search results are related to SEO. Similarly, SEO for family law is nothing but increasing the number of cases/ clients by digging into Google’s ranking methods.

Still confused? Read more!

The essential purpose for applying SEO strategies to law firms/ attorneys/lawyers is to get noticed on the online platforms twofold. The more you get noticed, the more clients you will get. In this way, nothing can hinder you from practicing your skills at your personal law firm.

Basics of Family Law SEO

As discussed earlier, SEO for family law is all about implementing marketing strategies for the better growth of your services. But for the basics of Family Law SEO and divorce attorneys, there are three significant points that you must consider.

You first need to consider optimizing your website according to the recent Google trends to make it up to the mark for first index visibility. You can optimize the right keywords and backlinks to make Google rank your website.

Here’s more:

You should ensure that you provide relevant services according to the demands of your clients. You may lag in search results if you’re not covering all problems related to family law.

If you’re providing your services as a divorce lawyer, you must keep a separate section to answer questions relevant to other family issues.

In addition, you can win more clients by building the trust of people coming to you. There should be no compromise on the quality of services you provide. Also, go the extra mile while implementing family Law SEO strategies.

These three are critical to measuring when considering ranking your law firm’s website at Google. Many online platforms/agencies like Marketing Freek are working tirelessly to provide you with the best SEO strategies.

The team at Marketing Freek is very competent at guiding you where you are lagging in the world of SEO for family law. Thus, don’t worry about stacking up dollars through clients when you get in touch with Marketing Freek.

Why SEO Matters, to Find Family Law Attorneys?

Some common reasons are responsible for SEO’s importance in finding the right and reliable family law attorneys. The first reason is the increased saturation of law firms for family problems. Thus, most people at Google look for platforms with substantial reviews and customer count.

Secondly, SEO (only) is responsible for improving the number of leads that your law firm receives monthly. Thus, the more leads, the more chances you’ll have to get ranked fast on Google.

Lastly, you can be available 24/7 to your customers to give them legal advice by showing your online influence among your competitors. This can be counted as the most important reason why SEO matters in finding family law attorneys.

Additionally, most divorce or family problem attorneys focus on building a strong SEO index before they offer their services publicly. This is called taking a step before starting your journey in a professional field.

What is Divorce Lawyer SEO?

There are more than 57,270 Family Law Divorce lawyers in the US. So, the chances of getting overwhelmed by the number of choices of divorce lawyers are high. But, don’t worry! SEO can help you best in this situation.

Whenever a person searches for the best divorce lawyers, he looks for search engines first. That is why SEO for divorce lawyers mainly revolves around grabbing the attention of potential clients by working on the right marketing tactics.

In other words, if you’re just starting your business as a divorce lawyer in the industry, SEO is the only thing you need to focus on. You can run different SEO campaigns to stand rightly according to your customer’s expectations.

Wait, here is a critical point to know!

You can go with directory listings and generate a business profile to increase your appearance on Google. In addition to this, you can also work on building the right keywords which you need to target to get ranked among your competitors.

Another point that you must take care of as a divorce lawyer is to clearly describe your services/goals at your online law firm. This will help the clients to recognize the tactics you’re working on.

Essential Components of Divorce Lawyer SEO

After learning about the basics of family law SEO, it’s the right time to shift to learning about the most important components of divorce lawyer SEO.

It mainly comprises three main components:

  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content

Let’s see these three components of SEO for all divorce lawyers in the below section!

Technical SEO

If we talk about the basics of technical SEO for family law firms, it mainly deals with the actions that will help index your website in different search engines. However, chances of misunderstanding the purpose of technical SEO are quite common.

You can sometimes fail to optimize your website for mobiles or tablets or miss important tags and featured images. In addition, you can commit mistakes in choosing the correct number of characters for meta tiles (which is 60 mostly).

So, what’s next?

Thus, the only thing that you need to focus on while doing technical SEO for your website is to start making little effort. Make sure to note everything while sourcing the SEO work from any professional. These problems will probably not occur when you hire an SEO expert to help you.

Another important point to ponder in technical SEO is non-indexed pages. With this strategy, you can access Google what you want. You can use WordPress to archive some pages that you want to keep private from your users.

Also, you can use SSL to avoid the duplication of your website’s URL. There are many chances of duplicate WWW domains or naked domains of your website’s name on other platforms. So, to tackle this, you can also use a non-HTTP copy of your website’s URL.

Local SEO

After having your command on technical SEO, try to step into local SEO. Google considers three essential factors to rank your website based on the local SEO. These factors include relevance, distance, and prominence.

Make sure to write detailed descriptions of your services in your Google My Business profile. Some other essential tactics for local SEO include maintaining your URL, adding new images, providing a complete list of expertise, and socializing your profile reviews.

Besides these points, you are also suggested to work on off-page SEO. It includes adding citations and backlinks and building a firm presence on social media. You can create social media platforms for your law firm’s name to increase customer insights everywhere.


Make sure that you deliver content that not only educates the clients but also clears all their confusion. You can go for creating web content and blog posts on your website.

Strategies to Better Reach Your Targeted Audience

If you’re trying to amplify your law practice, SEO can be the only magic to increase the number of clients in the shortest time span. But, you will need to act on specific strategies to improve the reach of the targeted audience at your website.

Some of these strategies include:

Conduct Proper Keyword Research

If we call keyword research the heart of SEO, it would not be wrong at any cost! Thus, you should search common keywords that customers use to search law firms on different search engines.

Unlike the previous keyword research strategies, current methods mainly focus on long-tail keywords as they promise the most success. There are many paid tools that you can use to get the right keywords. These paid tools include KWFinder, SEMRush, and Google Keyword Planner.

Implement Pillar Content Strategy

It is considered the best strategy to get ranked so far. Most divorce or family attorneys understand the need for a blog for their websites. That is why it is essential to implement this strategy without wasting more of your time.

Many pillar posts range from 2000 o 2500 words. Thus, make sure to explain your services in detail while writing a blog section. You can also include logical points and tactics for your growth.

Try to Invest in Backlinking

It would be absolutely right to call backlinking the backbone of SEO for almost all family laws. The number of leads increases as you improve the number of backlinks on your website.

Thus, you can implement manual and automatic methods for adding backlinks to your website. You can also consider some helpful posts from your contributors.

So, in such a case, Marketing Freek can be your write pick to build some strong backlinks for your website.

5 Key Takeaways for Family Law Marketing

When thinking about family law marketing, it would surely blow your mind away with many ideas. There is a complete plethora of marketing strategies that you need to implement.

However, some of them include:

Target the Right Audience

Providing the right services to the wrong audience will not bring you the leads you’re dreaming of. That is why it is always essential to find the right or interested audience for your services. Make sure to target the audience looking to hire a family or a divorce lawyer.

Get Idea from Your Competitors

The best way to notice your mistakes is to compare your website with your competitors. It is one of the necessary steps to optimize your website. You can also run a PPC advertisement for more promising results. To get an in-depth idea of your competitors, you can use tools like Moz or Alexa.

Focus on Offsite SEO

Another key takeaway to ranking on search engine result pages or SERPs is prioritizing offsite SEO over anything. It greatly helps in increasing your site’s visibility. For offsite SEO, you can optimize the GMB page, legal directors, including Avvo, and respond to attorney reviews.

Publish Helpful Content

You can gain the trust of your customers by publishing content that clears out all their confusion. It means you should create evergreen content to update your clients about the incoming policies of family laws. You can also make separate sections for Q&A on your website.

Go for Paid Ads

If you’ve got some extra money, leverage paid ads. It can prove as the best thing to increase the number of clients on your website. Also, paid ads are a must-have for first-page visibility on all search engines. If you’re looking for speedy results, you can choose LSAs (Local Service Ads).

Wrapping Up!

We can understand the complexity of ranking your website regardless of a large number of competitors. That is why we have tried our best to quote some impactful information about SEO for family law. Implementing all these tips and tricks by family & divorce lawyers will improve their reach to the audience.

If you don’t have time to do all the stuff, just let it to our marketing experts to do it for you!



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