SEO for Accounting Firms: 10 Simple SEO Tips to Get More Clients

Are you looking for prospects searching for accounting services? Wondering how to stand out in Google search results in this saturated market? Want to get noticed by potential customers? Eager to generate more calls and leads for your accounting firm? 


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all you need to do!


Imagine if you are searching for a product or service online. What’ll be your first step? Obviously, the first thing you will determine is whether the product or service you are looking for exists or not. 


What next? 


Certainly, once you find the relevant thing that you are looking for exists, you’d move on to search different options and then lands on the best one that fits for you. The quickest way to do it is to make a simple search on Google and pick up the right one from the first page.


Like you being a customer or client searching for something on the internet, your prospects are no different; they also look for your accounting services online. But if your website is not ranking on the top of the search engine result page (SERP), things might not work!


Only a few of the audience might see your profile, or probably no one would. That means you’ll get fewer or no impressions, clicks, conversions, leads, sales, and ultimately lower revenue.


On the contrary, if you are at the top of the SERP, you’ll get more clicks, calls, leads, and sales that will multiply your revenue. But, Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. 


But we’re here to make it easy!


You need to do a clever Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your accounting firm to reach there. You might have heard about it all the time, but might not know its nitty-gritty details to get tangible results. 


 So, here you’ll learn a few awesome SEO tips that actually work. Let’s dive deep into why SEO is essential for accounting firms and what are the simple tips to get more clients for your accounting business.


But before going deeper, first, understand what SEO is and how it can help your accounting business grow.


SEO For Accounting Firms: How Can it Help You Rank?


SEO is the essential marketing tool to rank your website at the top of the search engine to attract more clients to your business.


Wondering how?


Today the world is getting digitized with every passing day, around 5 billion people use the internet today making it over 63% of the total world’s population.


So the more you get noticed online by reaching the top pages, the more clients you are gonna get ultimately getting more sales and generating more revenue. In simple words, SEO is everything that appeals to Google and other search engine platforms.


Here is how SEO can do wonders for your website:


  • It helps search engines, especially Google, to read and understand and index your website.
  • SEO helps your potential client to know about your brand.
  • It spreads your brand message to the world.
  • SEO makes it easy for your client to search and find your services.
  • It helps you get targeted and valuable traffic for your website.
  • Optimizing your website is the best way to bring more visitors and business to your website without running paid ads.


Those accounting firms that are leveraging SEO practices in their marketing strategy are growing rapidly with the bulk of traffic. More traffic means more leads, customers, sales, and lastly revenue. Now that you know what is SEO and why it is important for your accounting business.


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Let’s have a look at some simple yet result-driven tips to get clients for your accounting firm.


Simple SEO Tips for Accountants and Accounting Firms to Get More Clients

Here are some of the best SEO accountings tips to rank your website:


SEO for accountants


1) Build an Amazing Website and Optimize it with Great Content

The first step towards SEO is to build a well-designed, functional website that is easy to use, mobile-friendly, and optimized with quality content for search and social pages.


2) Set Up Your Google My Business Page 

Almost half of the google searches look for local information. The same case works for your services and products. With a Google business account, you can optimize your local SEO and customers can come to know about your location. 


3) Build Citations in Profiles and Listings Sites Relevant to Your Niche

One of the most important tips to improve SEO is to list your website on different listing platforms. Building citations with your company information will help your website to rank. There are a lot of citations for accounting firms like Bing Places, Apple Maps, Yelp, and so on.


4) Research Relevant Keywords

You need to optimize your content within the website with the right keywords. New businesses should avoid using competitive keywords. They can either use long tail keywords or those keywords with low difficulty to get more traffic relevant to the accounting industry.


5) Create the Right Service Pages

Once you have researched the keywords, incorporate them within your content to rank. To do it, you need to create service pages. You can create pages for every single keyword to rank for that specific keyword.


6) Write Quality Content for Your Blog

Besides pages, writing a blog is another way to create valuable content for your audience. Blogs are helpful for SEO as here you can add targeted and valuable keywords that can rank and are easily shareable on social media. And search engines love sharing. 


7) Use Internal Links

Internal linking is even easier than backlinks. It is the process of linking one page of your website to another. Both users and search engines use these links to navigate through your website making it an important SEO factor.


8) Seek Great Links and Reviews

To let search engines know that your accounting business is the best in the area, you need to get quality links and reviews from reliable websites. When other sites link to yours, it is one of the positive signs for search engines.


9) Used Yoast for On-Page SEO

Online SEO is also important as off-page. You can use a free WordPress plugin to make sure you have done your on-page correctly. Yoast will let you know where you need improvement and what things you need to change to rank higher on Google.


10) Improve Your Meta Title and Description

A meta title (title tag)  is the heading and a meta description is a brief text written below it that appears under search engine result pages. If these are not interesting enough for a person to click then it will decrease your click-through rate and thus affect SEO.


Bonus Tips


Get Help From SEO Professional 

SEO can sometimes be too tricky for most accountants and accounting firms. So if you get confused about where to start and how to rank your site, seek help from a marketing company that specialized in offering SEO services. 


That’s where Marketing Freek comes in for your help, we have helped dozens of websites to rank on the first page of Google with our SEO expertise. 


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Get More Clients For your Accounting Firm with Our SEO Services

SEO is an important part your today’s marketing needs. Leveraging SEO practices to get more traffic is crucial for your accounting firms, especially if it is just starting out.


 If you are new to SEO and marketing, let the burden be on us. We are pros in SEO, our experts know the ins and outs of it to rank your website and get more clients for you. 


So if you want to boost the revenue stream of your accounting firm, contact us to get SEO solutions for your company.  


We hope by using the above SEO strategies for your accounting firm, you can get more clients within a few months. Hope this blog helps you out. 




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